August 3, 2010 !!!!!!!!!!!

Wow, we’ve been busy

July 23, 2010

And haven’t had a chance to update this extremely dapper looking blog (insert sarcasm here) in a while. We’ve been busy sending out Family Trees orders, sharing the 7″ with great new blog friends and gearing up for our next release, tooth ache.’s Skin 7″. Pre-order will be up this weekend! We’re working on a new website and are also proud to announce that we’ll be releasing a 7″ with Orlando, FL’s Levek come October. And you’ll be able to catch some of our artists at a TBA CMJ party in NYC too! Phew, okay, back to work…

Love the songs but don’t have a record player? (What are you thinking? Go out and buy one RIGHT NOW.) You can now buy the three tracks on Dream Talkin through iTunes right HERE. Spread the good word!

Have a great 4th of July America!

Amanda from Family Trees directed this awesome hazy video for No One Will Ever Know, the b-side on the Dream Talkin 7″. Our buds over at Gorilla vs Bear are premiering it right now, so what are you waiting for? Check it out!


If you’re moping around Brooklyn Saturday night, why not check out We Listen For You‘s killer Northside showcase at Glasslands?? Not only will Family Trees have 7″s to sell to you but they’re also going to play some sweet jams along with The Pass, Slow Animal and The Zookeepers.

And while you’re at it, grab Flavorwire’s hotttt mixx featuring 10 bands you must not miss at Northside.

Yup, we finally made up our minds and tooth ache.’s Skin 7″ will be out on August 17th. These two songs are going to be on ever summer mix imaginable, mark our works. Keep an eye out for pre-order info and tour dates!

tooth ache. – Skin 7″
a. Skin
b. Lazarus

Can’t wait for it? Download Skin from our Soundcloud page while you can!